Tuesday, May 26, 2009

House and Pet Sitting

I just got through house/pet sitting for 5 days for Cid and her family while they took a trip to Washington State. Their dog Bogart and their cat Mace were alot of fun. I've actually never met a cat so friendly. Of course I took some pictures of them, though my camera was acting up.

Here is Bogart, he likes to nap and sleep under the bed and he always thinks its feeding time no matter what time of the day or night it is. He likes to eat so much I found him eating the cat food a few times :o) Also, he has a dog door in one of the kids bedroom so he can go outside at any time. In the morning before it got too warm I would outside to water the potted plants and Bogart would go out the sliding door with me. On every occasion he would go back in the house and be at the sliding door again wanting to come outside again. I thought that was so funny, guess it was a treat to go out the sliding door. He's a cutie and very loving and affectionate dog.

Mace the cat and I became friends instantly. He would sit on my lap while I was on the couch watching TV. He'd sit facing me and would kneed my stomach with his two front paws and be purring away. Mace is a talker too, a few times each day he's look at me and meow and I thought he wanted to be let out into the garage to use the litter box, but I think he just wanted to "talk". I would meow back (of course) and we "talked" for a minute or so each time. His meow is high and squeaky like a squeaky toy, it's sooooo cute!! Mace would drink water out of Bogart's bowl so they shared their food and water with each other. He'd also sleep on the bed with me at night. Awww!

The more I'm around my friends cats the more they grow on me ~ I grew up with dogs but might have to get myself a cat sometime soon.

Declan, one of the sons, has two geckos in his room and I had to make sure it had water along with the frogs too. The display is real cool because you can take away the faux rock on the outside (held by magnets) to see the gecko's inside. I think that's a real neat display case, how cool is that? I think it's cool.

I have two more pet sitting gigs and another few more possible house/pet sitting jobs. Who knows, maybe I'll start a business. In my life of being unemployed anything is possible, as long as I'm open to it.

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice time. And heck, why not house/pet sit. You could maybe throw in babysitting while you're at it too. LOL When they're older it's not so bad. :)