Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Additional Websites for my Blog

Ever since I saw the London Vintage Map on the Cornish Heritage Farm website about a month ago I've been thinking about making a shadow box with it. The theme of my shadow box would be Queen Elizabeth I (Tudor times) because she is someone I admire for many reasons, but I'll address that later in a different blog entry.

Since I had the theme for my shadow box I set out to look on the web for additional stamps and embellishments to add to it. I found 3 new websites that I love and want to share them with you. All three website have been added to my blog list.

First is Alpha Stamps ( They have vintage Christmas, Children, Theatre, etc. stamps, papers and embellishments. I found two that I really like, thee crowns for my shadow box and I love moons and stars.

The second is Beeswax Rubber Stamps ( They have approximately 35 different categories of stamps, including Fairies and Angels, Cowboys and Indians, Asian, Desert Southwest, Egyptian, etc. A few of my favorites are: an actual stamp image of Queen Elizabeth I (a very accurate depiction of her), Excalibur (great detail) and a Crusader.

The third website is Rubber Trouble ( They have approximately 42 categories of stamps including, Mythology, Celtic, Lettering & Calligraphy, Antique & Vintage, etc. A few of my favorites are: a Gargoyle (how cool is that!), Heraldic Shield stamp set where you build your own shield (I can think of many projects where I'd use this and it's only $19.99!) and Ancient Roman map (when I see Germania it always reminds me of the movie Gladiator!).

Even if you're not interested in these types of stamps you should check out these websites. I'm sure you'd find something you like with all the categories of stamps, papers and embellishments. They're all very unique which is one reason why I like them

I'm sure I'll find more websites and when I do I'll continue to share them. Happy crafting...

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