Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cornish Heritage Farms

I've been getting the Cornish Heritage Farms newsletter for about six months now and wanted to share their blog with you all incase you don't know about them. I've added their blog to my Blog List too.

What I like about them is the wide variety of stamps they offer, everything from farm/country living (of course), Elvis, nature, sayings, gardening, background stamps, etc. They also have craft supplies too.

My personal favorite stamp is of a vintage map of London England that looks to be around Elizabethan times. It's very detailed with streets, buildings such as abbey's and courts has the Thames river running through it too. I love it because it's so unique and because I love English history during Elizabeth I rein. She was an amazing woman that reined during very difficult times and is someone I admire very deeply. My first impulse was to get the stamp just because (we've all been there) but didn't because I have no occasion to use it, that I can think of at the moment. It's a 6" x 6" stamp so it's pretty big, hmmmm...

Here is a picture of it:

CHF website:

CHF Blog:


  1. I think so. Maybe I'll buy it for myself and make a shadow box :o)

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