Sunday, May 17, 2009

Easter in May?

During my visit with Rose and Larry at Coarsegold I was walking in their backyard as I always do, to see what's blooming and what's new. I saw these eggs outside and they look so colorful and remind me of Easter eggs so of course I took a picture. Rose does alot of felting and is making pin cushions out of these eggs. They're solid and the various yarns have been felted and shaped into eggs. She put them outside so they dry all the way through before she cuts them in half to make them into pin cushions. What a great idea, huh? She's made all kind of felted things like handbags, hot pad's, etc. and is making new felted items like pin cushions, jewelry, etc.

Following are more pics of their back and front yards in all it's blooming beauty!

Here is a picture of my favorite non-blooming plant in their backyard, Feathered Mexican Grass. It's beautiful when it sways in the wind, very soothing.

I took a mini movie of it but I'm having trouble uploading to my blog. I'll try later...


  1. What beautiful pictures! Does Rose post her creations on the net? I'd love to see them.

    And try uploading your video to facebook, then you can post it here, I had to do that with Sadie's video. :)

  2. no rose doesn't do the online thing. I did ask her for a pic of the pin cushion. She makes really neat felted pot holders.

    thanks for the info on posting the video.

  3. Those are pretty cool and lovely yard. I'd want to walk around and enjoy it too.