Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Craft Business Cards

I wanted to get some business cards made for the June 6th Art, Dinner and Music in the Meadow fund raising event sponsored by the Coarsegold Historic Museum. I will be sharing a booth with my girlfriend Rose and want to have business cards to hand out to potential customers, one never knows who will be there.

Since this is my first time ordering craft business cards I decided to ask my two crafty experienced stamping buddies for suggestions and websites. They mentioned the Colorful Images website ( and Vista Printing website ( They both have great cards but I went with Vista Printing because they have a great sale now where you get 250 business cards for $3.99!! It costs more to ship them than the cards themselves.

It was a hard decision but I finally chose a design, color and font for my business cards, see below.

The reason I chose this one is because it's whimsical and open to interpretation, like crafting is to me. Initially I started out with different flower designs and then this morning I looked through the other business cards I bookmarked and really liked this one so I formatted it and ordered it. Just as easy as 1 2 3...


  1. That one is really pretty! I'm glad you went with that one, it is so you. :)

  2. Thanks and the price was right too :o)

  3. Oh Kristen that is really pretty. I don't think I've seen any of your boxes....or am I reading that wrong?

  4. Thanks Kay. You're reading it right, the boxes I'm talking about are the mini boxes here on my blog. In future classes we'll be learning how to make other boxes too :o)

  5. Vista Print is one of the best site for printing business cards and postcards... They also provides many unique designs and free cards offers!!

  6. William - you're correct and the quality is excellent and you can't beat the price. In addition to the business cards I've order return address labels and magnets.

    Have you ever used their website function? I'm looking into starting my own business so I'm thinking of using them.

    Thank you for your comments.