Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wish Upon A Hero Website

On one of those rare occasions I watched ABC News with Charlie Gibson last night, I caught their Person of the Week segment. They featured an organization called Wish Upon A Hero and I was so impressed with their idea I wanted to share it.

"Everyone can help anyone" is their motto. As stated on their website "Wish Upon A Hero is a unique venue for any individual, organization, or company looking to make a difference in someone’s life, or the lives of countless people. Heroes come in all ages and from all walks of life. All of us, from our nation’s most powerful corporations to individual philanthropists, and those with limited financial means, can be someone’s hero."

This is a one of a kind service designed to connect those in need with people that can truly change their lives. You can be the one to grant a wish and/or the one to make a wish.

Giving to others is one of life's biggest rewards.

Check out their link on my blog.

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