Monday, March 16, 2009

Pictures from a day in the country

Yesterday I went to Coarsegold to visit some friends, on a beautiful sunny day. When I arrived at their house and got out of the car I saw a cat tail hanging off of a chair in the cat "compound". I knew it was Duncan lounging in the sun. Here are a few pictures...
Isn't he a cutie? He has a little brother named Buddy who is a little more feisty and likes to nap in the closet. They're both beautiful Abyssinian cats and alot of fun to be around.

I took a walk around my friends property and snapped a few pictures of wildflowers in bloom...

It's so beautiful and peaceful up in Coarsegold, I love to visit my friends there.


  1. Those are great photos! I love the kitties, of course, and the flower photos you took are beautiful. Glad you got to spend some time out there. :)

  2. glad you enjoyed the photos...