Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Coarsegold Heritage Museum Event

Rose and I shared a vendor table at the Coarsegold Heritage Museum event this past Saturday. It's a fundraiser for the museum and they have a band and barbecue and people bring lawn chairs. During the last few years they've added vendors to the event.

Larry, Roses husband, made this great sign explaining the art of felting. It attracted alot of attention and alot of people came over to read it and then looked at our table.

Here is a pic of Rose with her felted bracelets, necklaces and pin cushions on display. She got quite a few compliments on her unique designs and alot of people took her business card.

Here is a close-up of some of Rose's felting items.

Following is a pic of my half of the table with my various cards in the two baskets and a few boxes and cards on display. I learned quite a few things being a vendor for the first time and will definitely do things differently next time. It was a great learning experience.

Along the side of the school house they hung handmade quilts. They are really beautiful and the picture doesn't do them justice.

All in all it was a great time had by all!


  1. That looks very cool! What did you learn? I think you should have put more of your cards on display cuz most people are lazy and want things done for them. Unlike us crazy stampers that will dig through mounds of UMs to find the ones we want. Not to mention the ones you have to try and read backwards. lol

  2. that's what Mel said, since my cards were in cellophane envelopes I should have laid them out on the table. I could then keep some in baskets with sides of 1" or 2" so people could see the cards in the baskets. My baskets were too high on the sides. Live and learn :o)

  3. LOL You know Kay and I think alike. :) I am glad you had the experience of being out there. I love Rose's board. And she makes really great felted items!

  4. Yes Rose does make great felted items. She's going to either start her own website or sell on Etsy. Of course I'll blog about it :o)