Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NHL Playoffs - Go Sharks!!

I have been a ice hockey fan of the San Jose Sharks since their inception. I learned about the game of ice hockey from my dad who grew up in Buffalo, New York, skating on ice ponds and learning how to play ice hockey with the neighborhood kids. He continued to play ice hockey through college and still skates at the tender age of 78. There are still some rules that I don't understand but I really enjoy the intensity and physical demands of the game and the players too. It's a grrrreat, exciting game to watch.

When you go to a game at "The Tank" in San Jose the picture below is what you see the Sharks players skate onto the rink through, it's an open sharks jaw. In this picture my favorite player of all time, number 12 Patrick Marleau, is skating through the sharks jaw.

The NHL playoffs begin today and the SJ Sharks first playoff game is tomorrow and I can't wait!! They have the team and the record to go all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals and I hope they'll do it. I am behind them all the way, a true teal fan!!