Sunday, April 19, 2009

My ReadFresno Mentor Collage

I volunteer at a non-profit organization called ReadFresno ( and I went to training last week for their Mentor Program. It was a very informative training and one of the things they had us do is make a collage about ourselves to share with our mentee and our mentee's will be doing the same thing. They had magazines for us to look through at the training so I started mine there and brought it home to finish. When we have our first meeting at the end of the month we will use our collages as an ice breaker to start conversation and get to know each other. I think it's a great idea.

The piece of paper we had to work with is 14" x 11" and initially I wanted to cover the whole piece of paper but decided against it, I want to be able to see the pictures and read it. The collage was alot of fun to make.

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