Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Craft Space - Before and After

I moved to a cottage in Coarsegold in July and figured I'd had enough weight lifting looking through boxes and bins for craft stuff. I was making cards on the small living room table and it was driving me crazy. Here is a before picture of how my craft area looked...
and drum roll is how it looks now :o)

Today I'm starting to look through my 4 boxes of craft stuff, sorting it and deciding how I want to store it in this space. To get extra storage space, I stacked two wine boxes horizontally I got from Mel. I put them on an end table which also has a shelf on the bottom for me to use. The smaller wine box on the left hand side of the craft table has small shelves to put "things" on, small containers of buttons, brads, etc. which will be easy to reach.

I am a visual person so the more I can see the more ideas I get and my creative juices start flowing.
I love this pink lipped flying fish I got from Shadzz in Redwood City years ago. When you drop it onto a hard surface it's makes the sound of a child laughing and you can't help but laugh :o) It was a savior when I went to trial in Boston years ago, laughing is good medicine. Plus it's just so colorful!
Panning around to the right this shows a framed picture which was a gift I received from Larry last year. The picture and Larry's saying "Maturity is nature's reward for making an effort" has a special meaning to me and reminds me how the hard work I've done on myself over the years has paid off.

Below the picture is a blue bin on wheels which has some of the first stamps I bought when I started making cards. I'm going to look through these stamps to see which ones I haven't used and will give them away to my crafting girlfriends. The 3 drawer wicker chest is great for storage of my craft stuff and printer paper and inks.

This final picture shows the desk where I sit at my computer. It's right below a window that looks out to the countryside. If the window is open I can hear various birds and critters in the trees and bushes scurrying about. Nice sounds of the country.

Once I get my craft stuff sorted and put away I'll take a few more pictures to share.


  1. You did such a great job! What a pretty workspace. :)

  2. Wow, that's awesome, Kristen! I'm envious. I really need to get my space in better shape so I can actually work in there. I'm a visual person too but I have so much stuff that it's hard to keep it all together and where I can see and remember. I dream of having a big craft room where I can have cool shelves and racks to put things and hang art everywhere. Oh well, I can dream... lol I love your space!

  3. Thanks Kay :o) I dream of having a big craft room where I can see everything too but this space will have to do for now. It's a very small space and I just have too much stuff but it seems like all crafters do!

  4. Your space looks fantastic! You definitely have an eye for designing space of your many talents! I love the fish with pink lips :-)

  5. Thank you for your compliments Tina. Unfortunately it doesn't look like that now with all the sorting and figuring out where I want to put things but I will have it all organized soon and be glad I did it!!

    I love the pink lipped fish too :o)