Thursday, August 27, 2009

Card Making with Rose, Part 1

My friend Rose wanted to learn how to make stair step cards so I went to her house last Saturday to teach her. I brought a few stamp sets, punches, cs (including dsp) and ribbon for her to use.

Rose and her husband Larry had their own advertising business when they lived in the bay area years ago so I knew she would be very creative in card making.

Here are the components she used making her first card. She stamped and used partial punched pieces and parts of the stamped images. I had never seen this done before and I really like the idea.

Another great idea Rose had was to decorate the back side of the card as shown in the second photo below. Since the card is decorated in the back, no matter which angle you're looking at it from you always see the art work.

Rose stamped the top note die and added the one heart flower. I love the cards simplicity and cs color combination. It was great for me to observe Rose's creativity and to see what she did with it.

Go to Part 2 to see the second stair step card Rose made.


  1. I think these turned out so great! I love how they're full of stuff from all around so you have something to catch your eye from all angles. So where are your cards, Kristen???

  2. The post is to show case what Rose did so I didn't post mine. I'll do it later.