Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Shires are Here!

I went out to water the lawn this morning I heard the shires out in the field so I ran inside to get my camera of course. Ellen and Patrick board horses here on their land and the shires were brought here over the weekend when I wasn't here.

As you can see there are two adults and one baby shire.
I don't know why horses face opposite each other like this, maybe it's to keep each other cool while fanning each others faces with their tails? Don't think so but let me know if you know.
They are really BIG, alot bigger than horses. The adult tan and creme shire let me pet his nose for a while then backed off. The chestnut colored shire wasn't interested in being petted at all, not this time anyway.
The baby shire really liked it when I pet his nose, especially with both hands. He's a sweetie but needs a little bit of a comb on his hair up front, it was all matted and had weeds in it. Only a human female like me would think like that!

They are beautiful animals and it's nice to have them a stones throw from the cottage.


  1. How cool Kristen! One of the advantages of your new place.

  2. yup it is cool and you're right, it is another advantage to living here!!