Friday, July 10, 2009

Bogart and Mace

I finally found the cable that connects to my camera and uploaded the pictures from pet sitting last week.

Mace the cat didn't do this the first time I pet sat but this time, whenever I was on the computer he would try and jump up on the desk where the computer was all the while talking to me so I understood what he wanted. To deter him from doing this I put some pillows on a chair and placed it next to my chair. He always laid on the chair when I was at the computer and even a few times when I wasn't. He'd sit on the chair and look out the sliding glass door or in most cases sleep like he's doing in this picture. I think he liked it there. For some reason I love it when cats curl up like this.

Here is a picture of Bogart the dog waiting for me to pet him. He is such a sweetie and so lovable and just loves it when I rub his tummy. He's fed twice a day and the first night I forgot he needed to be fed in the evening, but he had his way of reminding me. Around 5:00pm he would get all hyper and excited and kept running back and forth into rooms until I realized why. He's one smart cookie, especially when it comes to feeding time!!

I wasn't able to upload the video I took of my place. I've had problems uploading quite a few times and I need to check the Blogger Help section before I try it again. Also, I need to read the directions for the camera on how to take a movie, it was going in and out of focus and that's not fun to look at.


  1. They are too cute! I love it when cats sleep. I'll have to post the kittens sleeping, it's hilarious. And Yes, cats like sleeping on whatever you're working on at the time. My cat from little kid times used to sleep on my homework or whatever book I was reading at the time. Cute but kinda annoying.

    Glad you're loving the time you spend with the pets.

  2. How could you not love that face of Bogart? He is just so sweet and loving. They got him from a shelter and think he was physically abused so I give him all the lovin' I can :o)