Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pictures of Ruby

I'm in the bay area visiting friends and family until August 1st when I return home to Coarsegold.

My first visit was with Darcy and her 3 month old Ruby. I've seen pictures of Ruby but this is the first time I've seen her in person She sure is a charmer and a cutie too! I thought I'd take more pictures of Ruby but I was so mesmerized observing mother and daughter that I didn't even think of taking pictures. It sure is a special bond between a mother and a child and I'm happy I was able to visit with the two girls for an extensive amount of time over 2 days. It was great catching up with Darcy and seeing her little angel Ruby, her smile lights up the room!

I snapped the picture below just as Ruby was getting ready to sneeze, it's kinda cute and good timing on my part.
This next picture of her is how she looks after she's been fed, very content and just looking around.
This last picture shows one of her favorite things to do. She LOVES to put a few fingers in her mouth at a time and even tries to put her whole fist in too.

I'm going to visit Darcy and Ruby next week for a few hours, I'm really looking forward to it. Also, Darcy took a few pictures of me holding Ruby so when I receive them I'll post them here.

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